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July 2016

Private Equity evolves in East Africa

July 24, 2016

George Odo of AfricInvest gives his perspective on the private equity asset class in East Africa, its ongoing evolution and his experiences of some of the key factors facing those investors looking [more...]

Danger lurks for some of Africa’s banks

July 24, 2016

As the fortunes of Africa’s banks founder on the weakening performance of their loan books, an overview of the current challenges facing the industry on the back of low commodity prices and [more...]

DEG raises ZEP-RE stake with $14.63mln

July 17, 2016

DEG, the German development finance institution, has invested an additional $14.63 million in Kenyan re-insurer ZEP-RE, increasing its holding in the privately-owned company to 14.93%. The capital [more...]

TLG backs Homestrings in undisclosed deal

July 17, 2016

TLG Capital, the Africa-focused private equity firm, is backing Homestrings, the crowdfunding platform for emerging and frontier markets in an undisclosed deal. The capital will be used to fund [more...]

Nestlé and R&R Ice Cream JV approved

July 17, 2016

South Africa’s Competition Commission has given the go ahead for Nestlé and R&R Ice Cream to launch Froneri, a joint venture which will sell products across 20 countries, including South [more...]
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