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2017 Guide to sub-Saharan Private Equity

Order Africa Capital Digest’s annual Guide for 2017 to give your private equity-related strategies for sub-Saharan Africa a boost with the only comprehensive directory of the region’s private equity investment managers, their funds and portfolio companies available today.

Available to be emailed now, order and pay for your firm’s copy today

Price today: US$695

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Take a look at how you and your organization will benefit form the most up-to-date source of information on the region’s key firms…

  • For General Partners or Portfolio Managers; find co-investors, secondary sales or acquisition prospects
  • For Limited Partners; source new funds, review their strategies and people
  • For Corporate Development Executives; uncover assets for acquisitions, create shortlists of targets for divestitures
  • For Advisers and Service Providers; develop new clients, inspired transaction ideas and more.

The Guide is published as an e-book and comes with excel files of contact information and portfolio assets. You’ll find it to be the most comprehensive, up-to-date source of independent information on almost 200 leading private equity investment firms located in sub-Saharan Africa, the names, titles and emails of their 1,200 investment professionals, their more than 1,000 portfolio assets as well as actives funds and fund sizes, sector and regional investment preferences and the physical addresses of their offices in the region. At the back of the e-book, you’ll find all are cataloged in quick reference indexes of fund managers and portfolio companies by sector and region.

All orders are covered by our risk-free, money-back guarantee.