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Africa’s growth in solar power

July 30, 2017

Africa’s sunny skies means that it has an estimated 40% of the globe’s solar power generating potential. This fact, combined with the continent’s huge power need, have combined to [more...]

Impact investing in South Africa

July 16, 2017

While impact investing may be a relatively new discipline in South Africa, there is increasing investor awareness of, and interest in, the opportunities to have a positive impact while still earning [more...]

Startups solar powering Africa

June 25, 2017

In an article in the latest issue of The New Yorker, we found an interesting look at some of the American startups building solar power businesses to provide off-grid customers with electricity on [more...]

Inside Africa’s tech sector

June 25, 2017

An interesting review of the current state of Africa’s tech sector that looks beyond the hype to understand where the real opportunities and challenges lie today and in the future for one of [more...]
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