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Fieldstone Africa opens Nairobi office

Fieldstone Africa, the energy and infrastructure-focused investment bank which has had on office in Johannesburg since 1996, is opening its second office on the continent. The new office, which is located in Nairobi and will be led by Catherine Adeya-Wedya, will tap into the demand from the firm’s existing clients and local firms sourcing investments for large capital projects in East Africa.

Reporting on the launch of the Nairobi office, Global Trade Review reported Fieldstone Africa’s CEO Jason Harlan as saying “We foresee an Africa of regions, and of those regions, few, if any, present a more compelling case than East Africa for growth. It is a privilege to be here in Nairobi to take part and assist in that development. We are quite active in the region and have come to the conclusion we must be here all the time.”

Fieldstone Africa’s Nairobi office joins a network of global offices which include London, Johannesburg, Berlin and Washington, DC. According to the firm’s website, the firm has taken part in over $12 billion-worth of transactions across Africa since it was founded 20 years’ ago.


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