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TLG backs Homestrings in undisclosed deal

TLG Capital, the Africa-focused private equity firm, is backing Homestrings, the crowdfunding platform for emerging and frontier markets in an undisclosed deal. The capital will be used to fund Homestring’s expansion plans, helping strengthen the firm’s sales and marketing, technology and origination activities. The investment is being made via TLG’s Credit Opportunities Fund which launched in January this year, looking to raise $150 million.

“TLG’s recent investment in Homestrings is a testament to our ability to undertake financing which generates returns for our shareholders but also has a positive social impact,” commented Isha Doshi, TLG’s Chief Operating Officer. “With its position on the Homestrings Investment Committee, TLG is keen to add to the Homestrings story, helping to facilitate equity and debt crowdfunding for projects which make a difference in its geographic area of interest (sub-Saharan Africa) as well as elsewhere.”

Since launching in 2012, Homestrings has raised over $25 million and invested in over 35 transactions in 12 countries across Africa and Eastern Europe. Its mission is to facilitate investment in emerging and frontier markets through equity and debt crowdfunding. In addition to the funding from TLG, the company has recently made a number of senior hires in the areas of technology, sales, origination, finance and investment.

Commenting on the deal, Homestrings’CEO Eric Guichard said “As a leader in frontier market investments, TLG’s experience, network and pipeline perfectly matches our expansion goals. Its deep commitment to investing in profitable and impactful opportunities in frontier markets dovetails with our investment philosophy.”

Headquartered in London, Homestrings has an office in Washington, DC and a presence in Amsterdam.

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