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Bradley becomes Joint Managing Partner at Phatisa

Stuart Bradley, a Senior Partner and one of the three founding partners of Phatisa, the sub-saharan private equity fund manager, has been appointed to the position of Joint Managing Partner alongside fellow-co-founder Duncan Owen.

Since 2005, Bradley has been an integral part of the Phatisa team which now has two sector-specific funds under management, totaling more than $285 million, focused on food and affordable housing. Before joining Phatisa, Bradley held the positions of managing partner of the Aureos Southern Africa Fund and CEO of Takura Ventures in Zimbabwe. Over his career he has raised in excess of $850 million for African funds, supported private equity, and worked closely with the firm’s staff, investors and stakeholders alike. He is currently a serving board member of regional private equity association, SAVCA.

“Stuart took the leap of faith 10 years ago and together with the team we have grown the firm, unlocking investment into two undercapitalised African sectors – food and housing” said Duncan Owen, Joint Managing Partner. “Phatisa is experiencing positive momentum and the role of Managing Partner is expanding. Stuart demonstrates the skills, moral compass, acumen and personality required to drive the firm’s continuous growth into the future.”

Phatisa’s African Agriculture Fund has committed investments in excess of US$ 155 million across sub-saharan Africa and has a portfolio of eight companies across diverse sectors: primary farming, palm oil, processing, inputs, mechanisation, fertiliser, protein production and FMCG beverages.  The firm’s $41.95 million Pan African Housing Fund began operations during the first quarter of 2013 and has concluded three investments to date.

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