East African Holding Share Company (EAH) Group Companies is one of the leading
and respected business conglomerates with over 24 subsidiaries and has a turnover
of USD 200 million. EAH has and still is, playing a prominent role in the
industrialization of the country, during the last three decades.

The beginning dates to 1891, when members of the family decided to establish a
trading company. EAH is engaged in diverse economic activities such as
Manufacturing of fast-moving consumer goods, Cement and Construction Materials,
Mining, Real Estate Development, Agriculture and Agro-Processing, Distribution.

As one of the largest employers in the country, EAH currently employs over 6,000
permanent and temporary personnel. EAH produces over 100 products and provides
distribution and logistics services to sister companies and external customers.

East African holding has invested in:

  • National Cement Share Company & National Premix to produce cement and
    building materials;
  • East African Tiger Brands Industries PLC to produce home care, personal care
    and supplementary food;
  • East African Real Estate development to construct residential and commercial
  • East African Trading House to distribute sister companies products;
  • East African Agri-Business to farm tea, peanut and produce tea, and coffee;
  • Hamaressa Edible Oil S.Co to produce edible oils and importing palm oil
  • Ethio-Asian Industries Share Company & Cosmar to produce personal care
  • East African Mining to invest in local mining projects

Position: Manager, Corporate Strategy and Acquisition

1. Lead investment and divestment activities
2. Interact with company promoters, senior executives, JV partners, private
equities, capital funds, corporations and investment banks
3. Will have major role conducting strategic discussions related to business
diversification, mergers & acquisitions, strategic business alliances etc.
Should be able to understand financial and legal implications of the above.
4. Present deal facts to all stakeholders
5. Lead due diligence process of companies
6. Lend support to equity sales activities and establish though leadership with
active prospects during the deal life cycle. Provide transaction support.
7. Good knowledge of financial analysis, valuations, industry analysis and
macroeconomic analysis
8. Complete understanding of transaction process and deal related
9. Equities and derivatives experience

Qualification & Experience
1. Graduate with MBA
2. 3-6 yrs. of relevant experience in private equity, investment banking,
mergers & acquisitions, commercial banking, project finance or equity
research etc.
3. Experience in managing transactions / financial advisory
4. Experience in strategic consulting, business analysis, financial modeling,
client engagement
5. Ability to work independently under minimal supervision
6. Strong quantitative and qualitative analytical skills required, including
experience and proficiency with MS Excel
7. Experience in evaluating industries, companies, and new
investment/divestment opportunities
8. Excellent convincing power, problem solving and persuasion skills

Location: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

To apply:

If interested, please send resume and cover letter directly to Dagmawit Moges at dagmawit.m@1eah.com