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Olale to head up Africa Healthcare team at LeapFrog

Having landed $200 million from the Overseas Private Investment Corporation or OPIC, the U.S. Government’s development finance institution, in December last year, LeapFrog Investments pushing ahead with its initiative to expand its investment activities into the healthcare sector in Africa and Asia. Felix Olale, an entrepreneur as well as a physician-scientist, is joining LeapFrog Investments as a Partner and will lead the impact investment firm’s healthcare deals in Africa.

In the statement about Olale’s appointment, it was also announced that Matthew Myers, a Director at LeapFrog and Tom Verghese, an Associate Director, will play pivotal roles in LeapFrog’s healthcare investments in Africa.

Myers will play a core role, leading thinking on health insurance into healthcare. Whilst at Health Monitor Company, he advised private health insurance schemes and employers on pricing and product development and the management of healthcare funding. Before joining LeapFrog in 2014, Verghese focused on healthcare transactions for CDC and for Excelsior Group, where he was part of transactions teams and advised leading private equity firms focused on Africa.

Prior to Leapfrog, Dr. Olale was Executive Chairman of the Excelsior Group, a US and Kenyan-based advisor in emerging markets. He has led and advised on over $100 million of healthcare investments across Africa. He also co-founded Wellness Group, a specialty consultation and medical diagnostics company. His experience with private equity and healthcare spans across Africa, Asia, Europe and North America.

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